Whistleblowing Channel

Whistleblowing Channel / Anti-corruption

Under the terms of the Jetclass, Real Furniture S.A., social responsibility policy and in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 93/2021, of 20 December, which transposed Directive (EU) 2019/1937, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 23 October 2019, it is possible for any interested party to use this Whistleblowing Channel for the purposes provided for in the General Regime for the Protection of Whistleblowers.

Regulation on Communication of Infractions can be consulted here.

To report an infraction to Jetclass, Real Furniture, S.A., you can use one of the following channels:


Rua Andrade Corvo, 1051,

4440-304 Valongo





The information related with Protection on Personal Data by Jetclass, Real Furniture, S.A., can be consulted here.